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1) How is it possible to offer a teeth cleaning for 19 Euros, including a free visit and panoramic dental x-ray?
We believe that teeth cleaning is an important part of prevention, which is a key element of Bludental Clinique's mission to preserve patients' health. The promotional price is 19 euros and we have set has a purely symbolic value, since the cleaning is carried out using technologically advanced tools and with the professionalism of experienced dentists or hygienists, dedicating the time necessary to provide a professional cleaning. In order to promote prevention, we made the decision to offer, now and forever, a free check-up, CT scan and panoramic dental x-ray (for internal use, prescribed by our dentists if necessary) as part of our project. Bludental Clinique - also supported by the founding of the Bludental Clinique Association for the right to oral health - promotes prevention as a social action that sees health and quality dental care as a right for everyone. We invite you to come and see the level of quality and patient care at any Bludental Clinique facility for yourself.


2) How do you perform a teeth cleaning and how long does it take?
Teeth cleaning is performed by ultrasound, using the most modern techniques and the best products on the market. The amount of time necessary depends on the patient's specific needs and may also include polishing, stripping and, when necessary, a mini-course on health and oral hygiene. On average - except in special cases - the sessions last one hour.


3) Usually low prices mean poor quality...
We don't like to think of our prices as low, but rather accessible, because this was our aim. In an era dominated by commercial dynamics it is difficult to think that there really is a protocol built on respect, protection and patient care. Fortunately, most of the people who come to us tell us that they cannot believe they have found such professionalism and humanity "at such a price."


4) How do traditional dentists see facilities like yours?
Many dentists have enjoyed a working relationship based on mutual exchange and respect with us since our inception. Working alongside other professionals enriches their store of knowledge, even in cases of significant length of service. We share a concern for the health and hygiene protocol with them, upon which we place great value, as well as the attention we direct to providing patients with the best possible care. We give the dentists who work with us, respect, freedom and independence at the clinical level. Bludental Clinique is primarily concerned with managing the streamlining of organizational processes, dental product purchases and patient communications. Anyone unfamiliar with our modus operandi is welcome to meet with us for a cognitive and constructive professional encounter.


5) Are your prices so low because you use poor quality products?
Far from it. Every professional who works with us can confirm that the products and equipment we have are among the best out there. Our business expansion has enabled us to make agreements with the best suppliers in the industry, allowing us to purchase higher-quality products without making an impact on the final price to the patient. Some of our more frequent suppliers (published in full on the website) are: Krugg, Sweden & Martina, Henry Schein, Invisalign, etc.


6) Is it possible to guarantee high quality at low prices?
Yes. The Bludental Clinique project bears witness to this. The high number of patients who return to us and tell other about us attest to the level of quality of our work, which focuses on the selection of experienced, professional and specialized dentists, the purchase of quality dental materials and products, and the use of the most modern equipment. The streamlining of business processes makes it possible for us to offer dental care at a lower cost to patients. Moreover, the fees for prevention treatments fall within the social project pursued by Bludental Clinique and its Association, promoting prevention and health as a right for everyone. This is how we can offer lower rates with a free check-up visit, CT scan and panoramic dental x-ray (for internal use, prescribed by our dentists if necessary).


7) Are your advertising methods legal?
Yes. Our advertising campaign is absolutely legal.


8) It is legal to offer such low prices?
Yes. Our law firms and consultants, which include prominent lawyers and university professors of law, have signed written legal opinions to this effect.


9) Are all your dentists Italian?
Yes. Although we do not have any reservations towards professionals from other countries, Bludental Clinique is a completely Italian company that currently only employs only Italian dentists to work in its facilities. All of our dentists are Italian, with degrees from Italian universities, with excellent grades, and with many years of experience.


10) Are your dentists recent graduates?
No. Our dentists are selected on the basis of university qualification and years of professional experience in the field. Once selected, and before commencing work, all dentists - even those already well established - are partnered with professionals who have always worked for Bludental Clinique, so that they can be informed about our policies, corporate language and the clinical history of our patients.


11)  I have had to wait my turn before being seen many times. Why aren't the appointment times given honoured? Is there any plan to organize better to improve patient flow?
Although it may appear strange the line is the guarantee that we do not impose pre-established times on our dentists for patient care. And this is a guarantee for those who are still waiting: that they will be given the same care and attention that we are offering to others at that moment. In fact, we ask the professionals to base their activities solely on the needs of their patients and not on purely commercial principles and time schedules if the need to prolong a session arises. We are, however, planning to add a visiting room to each of our facilities, in order to ensure both the proper time for each treatment, and punctuality for waiting patients.


12)   Are you worried about retaliation from those who disagree with you pricing policy?
Bludental Clinique operates according to principles of transparency and compliance with ethical and constitutional guidelines. So, we hope not. Bludental Clinique is on the side of the dentists and institutions, as well as patients. For this reason it is open and amenable to anyone interested in exploring the operational methods of and/or joining the Bludental Clinique project. Should, however, Bludental Clinique be called upon for official review, we would have the opportunity to demonstrate to the individual party (as well as to the institution being represented) in numerical detail, exactly how it is possible - even at a corporate level - to offer quality dental care for low prices.


13)   Is everything done on the books?
Certainly! The answer in this case seems obvious. Every treatment is billed in an itemized and transparent manner. A certificate of conformity and guarantee for all the dental work and products is also issued.


14)   Do you have any ongoing legal proceedings?
No. Bludental Clinique, founded in Rome in 2009, has reported and treated more than 85 thousand patients in all of its facilities, without any legal procedure being in progress.


15)  Do you have a larger dentist turnover?
No. Many of our dentists have been with us since 2009, since the beginning of the Bludental Clinique project.




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